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Chibi (Anime)

3266-chibi large

Species Dragon
Element Light

Chibisuke (aka Senkōkūra) is a light-elemental dragon, Reiji's dragon partner, and the long awaited savior of Rikyu. As Chibi, he appears to be the weakest dragon, but in his true form, known as Senkōkūra, he is the most powerful of all dragons, and worshipped as a deity by some. In the manga, he is able to change his element such as dark or fire (as seen when he's about to turn into his true form). He looks like a traditional European dragon, only upright, in his true form. His "chibi" form is a small dragon with tiny wings and fur. His strength and abilities can alter depending on Reiji's emotional state. His signature attack is a devastating blast of energy, "Lightning Wave", that destroys everything in its path. In the manga, it is revealed that Chibi was named after a white dog Reiji used to have. The dragon cycle says that Chibi in his most pure form will awaken Shinryu and they will battle, destroying everything.

In the 2nd season of the manga, Chibisuke was returned to Reiji by Hikaru under Megeru's request after full recuperation in Rikyu. However, Chibisuke was initially unable to transform into Senkōkūra, and was stuck in his weaker form, until Shinryu was awakened.




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