Daisuke Hagiwara
Hagiwara Daisuke

Daisuke Hagiwara


• Characteristics •
Species Human
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
• Personal Information •
Status Alive
Friends Reiji Ozora
Maiko Yukino
Allies Reiji Ozora
Maiko Yukino
Enemies Kohei Toki
• First Appearance •
Anime The Sleeping Dragon
Manga Dragon Drive: D-Break
• Voice Actors •
Japanese Michael Shitanda
English Samuel Vincent

Daisuke Hagiwara (萩原大介Hagiwara Daisuke) is a fellow schoolmate of Reiji and Maiko. He initially holds a grudge against Reiji for stealing Maiko's affection, but the two eventually become close friends.


Anime/Manga Season 1:Edit

A fellow schoolmate of Reiji and Maiko, he initially holds a grudge against Reiji for stealing Maiko's affection, but the two eventually become close friends. He thinks of Reiji as a rival, but Reiji doesn't think much of him, especially after Reiji's lucky victory over Daisuke in their first battle against one another.

In the earlier episodes, he often hangs around Kyoji Tachibana, a popular jock at their school who is desired by the school's sports teams and girls. As an experienced Dragon Drive player, Daisuke is able to receive the Elemental Shift card, which he immediately tests out in a Dragon Drive match against a virtual dragon. However, Chibi is the one who powers the card to defeat Doryu.

Daisuke ends up in Rikyu along with Reiji, Chibi, and Maiko when Jigen Jouka opens a dimensional portal at the Dragon Drive training room's virtual simulation. He originally intends on competing in the Dragonic Heaven but is injured during the qualifying round by Lyn and Sue's dragons.

Daisuke is a dependable ally of Reiji's who battles against the likes of Kohei, Gwonku, and Shinryu. Daisuke usually says "My Sweet Honey" when referring to Maiko; he once scares her when his pants undo itself in front of her as he tries to cheer her up while Reiji is away on a quest to face Shinsaber.

Manga Season 2:Edit

While helping Maiko look for Takumi, he too was called by Meguru to return to Rikyu and help defend the two worlds once more. He still has a heavy crush on Maiko, and showed much jealousy toward Ichiro's friendly encouragement to her.


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