Labrynth of Darkness

Episode Title

Labrynth of Darkness

Air Date




The Truth


Daisuke and Kanpa appear to have defeated the dragon they were fighting. However, Daisuke becomes possessed by the dragon in the process and is forced to trap his friends in a sphere of dark energy. The dragon, through Daisuke explains that they are all evil in their hearts, and want Shinryu's power for themselves. The possessed Daisuke then pits them against replicas of themselves, their dark side made manifest.

Meanwhile, Rokkaku and Hikaru must deal with another dragon while Reiji and Chibi rest for a moment to recover their strength. Thanks to Maiko's display of courage and resolve, everyone defeats their darker side. But, with their darker sides gone they must now must defeat Daisuke. Reiji and Chibi are finally ready to return to the fight, and they encounter Kohei. One of the four dragons interferes with their fight and traps them both in an ice prison.



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