Mukai (Anime)

• Characteristics •
Species Human
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Green
Eyes Dark Blue
• Personal Information •
Status Deceased
Family Mukai's Mother (deceased)
Allies Shadow Fang
Enemies Gwonku (deceased)
Kohei Toki (deceased)
• Voice Actors •
Japanese Rica Matsumoto
English Mike Coleman

Mukai is the last member of his clan. His dragons is Shadow Fang.


Mukai has spiky green hair that curves upward and has a red markings on his forehead and under his eyes, possibly symbolizing his clan. Unlike other humans, Mukai has slit pupils, like a reptile.


Mukai is one of the last members of his clan that came under the attack of an evil dragon named Gwonku. His clan was previously destroyed, and the only members of his clan were his mother and him. Mukai found his mother imprisoned in Gwonku's lair and begs Gwonku to release his mother, but he refuses. However, Gwonku later offers to release Mukai's mother, in exchange for the Dragonnite, which is only obtainable through the Dragonic Heaven Tournament. So, he formed a team with Sayaka Towa and Kyoji Tachibana to compete in the Dragonic Heaven Tournament.


  • Mukai often times thinks of his mother whenever he sees Sayaka Towa, and, because of that, he treats her slightly better than the other characters.

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