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Reiji Ozora
Ōzora Reiji
Gender Male
Species Human
Dragon Chibisuke
First Appearance: Manga: Dragon Drive: Volume 1
Anime: Dragon Drive #1
Last Appearance Anime: Dragon Drive #38
Voiced by English: Brad Swaile
Japanese: Romi Paku

Reiji Oozora (大空レイジ Oozora Reiji) is the main protagonist character. Due to his short attention span, he is renowned as a lazy quitter that never keeps any of his promises and is nicknamed 'The Tardy Champion'. Blackmailed by Maiko, he was dragged to Dragon Drive against his will, but became obsessed with the game after his first taste of victory.


Anime/Manga season 1: Spolier Alert!Edit

Book 1 Edit

Reiji Ozora is an underachiever in elementary school. Reiji also doesn't like games, he gets bored of them easily. He is friends with Maiko Yukino, and later with Daisuke Hagiwara. He is nicknamed 'The Tardy Champion' because he gives up easily. When he was introduced to Dragon Drive he got a dragon named Chibisuke, who when he got it was sleeping. When they went in the the game he made Chibi grow his small wings into giant wings when fighting Daisuke, a ability called growth spurt. After that, he got 30 losses in a straight row! But all changes when he fights the top player Hikaro himodo. during the fight, Hikaru gets a glimps what Chibi really was. Reiji loses but doesnt lose the will to fight!

Book 2Edit

After his battle with Hikaro, he askes L to train by himself, Maiko starts noticing his disseperance. Finally, Maiko sees him walking with L. This made Maiko get the wrong idea.

Manga season 2:Edit

Still as lazy as ever, he has hardly changed since his younger days. Because he overslept and missed the meeting with Meguru, he did not go back to Rikyu straight away. Instead, Agent S managed to bring him back to Earth to help fight against RI-ON's power. In the epilouge (27 years later), he married Maiko and have two children. He also heads his own private veterinary clinic now.




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